Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bacon, Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad

1 ripe avocado, chopped into chunks
2 boiled eggs, chopped into chunks
1 medium-sized tomato, chopped into chunks
Juice from one lemon wedge(If you prefer less sour, half lemon will do)
2-4 cooked pieces of bacon, crumbled(Any type of bacon you like)
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together, stirring not too much, but just enough to make some of the avocado and egg into mush.

JJ Roll

A very famous cake shop that was recommended by a friend in Ipoh. It seems considered having the best Swiss roll in Ipoh. There are a lot of flavor you can choose from, range from different fruits to vegetables based.

We had Green Tea Swiss Roll(RM15) & Mixed Roll with cream cheese(RM20). There are 4 flavors in the pack - Spinach, Carrot, Banana & Pumpkin. I personally like the Swiss roll as it is really yummy, and the best part is not very sweet. I will visit again if I happen to pass by the place.

There are 2 cute iconic Swiss Rolls in front of the shop which the green on represent happy and the yellow one is kindness.

JJ Roll
Address: off, 127, Jalan Bharu, Taman Hoover, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel:+60 16-551 5796
Operating Hours: 8am -8pm daily

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Old School Ice Cream

The ice cream attracts so many people to come here. My friend highly recommended me here so I tried. I had the small ice cream with peanut topping. I would said that is a MUST to add the peanut topping. The ice cream itself is not very interesting but it is not very sweet so I kind of quite like it, it is the peanut sauce that made the different. They have different flavour everyday. The day I visited it is vanilla and chocolate. So I got a mix ice-cream with peanut sauce. The price is around RM2.50+.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nana Thai Restaurant

IWe were wondering what to have for our dinner around Orchard but had no idea. The only requirement was we wanted hot soup. We decided to go Far East Plaza and try our luck and we found Nana. It has exactly what we want - hot Tom Yum soup. It is located at Level 4. Nana is halal certified restaurant so you will see most eater is our Malay friend, I think Chinese all go over to the next door sushi  bar. 

When I looked at the menu, it seems like is Chinese and Thai mixed menu. We had Thai Style Gong Bo Chicken($12) - this is really good, I recommended this if any of you are here.

Next, our Seafood Tom Yum soup($12) - not the best we had but is good enough for us especially we were craving for it.

Oyster Sauce Kailan($10) - I should order the sambal Kang kong. This is average, nothing special on this.

Overall, I am quite sastified with my meal. My next visit I surely want to try the sambal Kang kong and curry fish head may be.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Me and my friends went there for the high tea because of the drawer concept Anti:dote has. We found that is pretty interesting. Most of the high tea I attended is buffet style, some come with tray too but Anti:dote offer high tea set which means the items are fixed and non refillable. It depends on how many people dining then they will bring the group drawer out. We are in a group of 3 so all the stuff are in one drawer box and looks really good. Environment is good partly because this is 5 stars hotel and all the interior designs have the standards. I feel like Tai Tai when I was seated.

You are allow to choose one tea from the list of 15 choices with 5 premium choices which you have to top up additional for it. We decided to just go to the standard. There are some special and lovely named tea. All the teas are from TWG. If you don't like tea, you can get the coffee with refillable. 

We choose the Oriental Tea set reason being we attracted by the dim sum they have and we all love dim sum. Another selection is the anti:dote tea which none of us go for it. Only the appertiser is different for the drawer set is the same for both selection. That suppose to be the signature I think. We did not regret of our choice, the 3 dim sum they served are super yummy.

Once you have done with your appetizer, they will bring you the high tea set. That is what we were all waiting for. Like expected, everything was so nicely placed in the drawer. 
Top level - all the sweet stuff. There are few items for example the tart I like it a lot. The chocolate is average to me
Middle Level - all savory stuff. I love all of them, there is one or two which is really super nice, but not many choices.
Bottom 2 Level - the scones with jam and biscuit. The biscuit they packed nicely so that you can bring back home if you can't finish it. My friends like the scones a lot but I did had better else where so that is average to me too.

How about the price? It costed us $53(including all the taxes), which is quite expensive for a high tea set. However, if you are high tea fan, you should try at least once for it. Overall, the experience is quite 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Cream Cracker Layered Cake 苏打饼千层糕

1 Big Yellow Onion, diced 
午餐肉一罐(我用梅林,但听说古龙会比较好吃), 用叉子弄碎
1 big can luncheon meat(I use mailing brand, but i heard gulong taste better), smashed with fork

5 eggs, 1 can evaporated milk

Hup Seng苏打饼大概27片(一层9片) - 我的材料只够放三层饼
Hup Seng brand Cream Cracker 27 pieces(one layer 9 pieces) - my ingredients only can have 3 layers of biscuit
**可以用其他的牌子。我用Hup Seng,因为我觉得它的最好吃。
You can use other cream cracker but I personally like Hup Seng

可以加咖哩粉,盐,糖,酱油各少许。我只加了盐, 酱油少许,因为不想要太咸
Can add little curry powder, salt, sugar, soy sauce. I added a bit of salt and soy sauce as I dun wish to be too salty

1. 热少许油,将A料炒香,加入调味料,备用。
Heat some oil, put in Onion, stir fried until brownish, then add in luncheon meat, you may add in seasoning if you need.
2. 轻轻打发B, 放入9片苏打饼,浸泡一会后(大概15秒)把它们排入一个已经搽好油的烘盘里,然后铺一层(1), 轮流将饼干和午餐肉排列至完,最高一层是饼干。
Beat B slowly, add in 9 pieces of cream cracker, soak for about 15 seconds, arranged them in a square pan which applied with a layer of butter or baking paper. Next, put a layer of (1), then biscuit until it finish. The top layer should be biscuit.
3. 淋入(B)在饼干上(必须盖过饼干), 以大火蒸20分钟。
Pour the left over B onto the biscuit(need to cover the top layer biscuit), steam over big fire for 20 mins.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Uncle Sam's Claypot

My friend told me that this is possible the best claypot rice in Singapore so I was so eager to try out. I went there for lunch at 2 different time as it is just quite near to my office.

1st visit - tried the claypot chicken rice with vegetables,  five spice rolls and foochow fish ball. Food tasted average to me, five spice roll is the best among all dishes that we ordered. The famous claypot chicken rice tasted good but not the one I like. So to me it is just average.

2nd visit - I had Claypot Ee Mee ($8++). Just like usual Ee mee that you have it at most of the hawker, nothing special except it has 2 mushrooms which you won't find elsewhere claypot ee mee.

Artease Cafe

We happened to be at Serangoon area so trying to look for a cafe nearby.  Did a search online and found one that tucked in the neighbourhood.  The name of the cafe just so familiar for me. Later then I found that I saw it somewhere and it is selling bubbles milk tea at other places.

We just had the coffee there, the desserts all doesn't looks nice to us. Coffee is average.


We went to the Takashimaya Tampopo branch for dinner. I remember that their ramen is one of the restaurant that I like. I can't recall when is my 1st try but what I like the ramen here is it is not that salty compare to others. However,  my friend said this is just average.

We had one famous Pork Shabu Shabu Ramen and Hoikaiddo Ramen with Char Siew. Both tasted good to me, I personally like their signature one more. We ordered also the Cheese Scallop with looks good from the picture. The scallop was baked with cheese and topped with a raw egg. 1st time we see the dish served in this. We then quickly stirred in the egg with cheese. Overall, it tasted quite good.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kok Sen Restaurant

I passed by this restaurant when I had my dinner at Keong Siak road. It was very crowded and I wondered why.

I then asked my friends to go there for dinner one weekday night, thinking that may be will have less crowd. We still waited for 15mins for the seat. I got the famous Big Prawn Noodles, that is my main dish I wanted.

Big Prawn Egg Hor Fun ($15) -smell really good, hor fun tasted wokhee but very super salty.  The taste actually not bad but the saltiness will scare me away. The way of cooking seems quite special and the chef used a lot of dried shrimps.

Big Prawn Bee Hun Soup ($15) - smell good and the soup tasted great.  Similar with the hor fun taste but less salty. However to me if I will have to finish whole bowl by myself,  I still felt it was salty.

Spinach with Egg and Prawn Paste Chicken - normal. Nothing special. I had better else where.

Conclusion: Not sure whether that is the usual standard but will not attract me purposely travel for another trip. If you have not try before, it will be a good try. I somehow felt very thirty after the dinner, wondering is it a lot of MSG added.