Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nana Thai Restaurant

IWe were wondering what to have for our dinner around Orchard but had no idea. The only requirement was we wanted hot soup. We decided to go Far East Plaza and try our luck and we found Nana. It has exactly what we want - hot Tom Yum soup. It is located at Level 4. Nana is halal certified restaurant so you will see most eater is our Malay friend, I think Chinese all go over to the next door sushi  bar. 

When I looked at the menu, it seems like is Chinese and Thai mixed menu. We had Thai Style Gong Bo Chicken($12) - this is really good, I recommended this if any of you are here.

Next, our Seafood Tom Yum soup($12) - not the best we had but is good enough for us especially we were craving for it.

Oyster Sauce Kailan($10) - I should order the sambal Kang kong. This is average, nothing special on this.

Overall, I am quite sastified with my meal. My next visit I surely want to try the sambal Kang kong and curry fish head may be.

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