Thursday, June 11, 2015


Me and my friends went there for the high tea because of the drawer concept Anti:dote has. We found that is pretty interesting. Most of the high tea I attended is buffet style, some come with tray too but Anti:dote offer high tea set which means the items are fixed and non refillable. It depends on how many people dining then they will bring the group drawer out. We are in a group of 3 so all the stuff are in one drawer box and looks really good. Environment is good partly because this is 5 stars hotel and all the interior designs have the standards. I feel like Tai Tai when I was seated.

You are allow to choose one tea from the list of 15 choices with 5 premium choices which you have to top up additional for it. We decided to just go to the standard. There are some special and lovely named tea. All the teas are from TWG. If you don't like tea, you can get the coffee with refillable. 

We choose the Oriental Tea set reason being we attracted by the dim sum they have and we all love dim sum. Another selection is the anti:dote tea which none of us go for it. Only the appertiser is different for the drawer set is the same for both selection. That suppose to be the signature I think. We did not regret of our choice, the 3 dim sum they served are super yummy.

Once you have done with your appetizer, they will bring you the high tea set. That is what we were all waiting for. Like expected, everything was so nicely placed in the drawer. 
Top level - all the sweet stuff. There are few items for example the tart I like it a lot. The chocolate is average to me
Middle Level - all savory stuff. I love all of them, there is one or two which is really super nice, but not many choices.
Bottom 2 Level - the scones with jam and biscuit. The biscuit they packed nicely so that you can bring back home if you can't finish it. My friends like the scones a lot but I did had better else where so that is average to me too.

How about the price? It costed us $53(including all the taxes), which is quite expensive for a high tea set. However, if you are high tea fan, you should try at least once for it. Overall, the experience is quite 

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