Friday, February 6, 2015

Cream Cracker Layered Cake 苏打饼千层糕

1 Big Yellow Onion, diced 
午餐肉一罐(我用梅林,但听说古龙会比较好吃), 用叉子弄碎
1 big can luncheon meat(I use mailing brand, but i heard gulong taste better), smashed with fork

5 eggs, 1 can evaporated milk

Hup Seng苏打饼大概27片(一层9片) - 我的材料只够放三层饼
Hup Seng brand Cream Cracker 27 pieces(one layer 9 pieces) - my ingredients only can have 3 layers of biscuit
**可以用其他的牌子。我用Hup Seng,因为我觉得它的最好吃。
You can use other cream cracker but I personally like Hup Seng

可以加咖哩粉,盐,糖,酱油各少许。我只加了盐, 酱油少许,因为不想要太咸
Can add little curry powder, salt, sugar, soy sauce. I added a bit of salt and soy sauce as I dun wish to be too salty

1. 热少许油,将A料炒香,加入调味料,备用。
Heat some oil, put in Onion, stir fried until brownish, then add in luncheon meat, you may add in seasoning if you need.
2. 轻轻打发B, 放入9片苏打饼,浸泡一会后(大概15秒)把它们排入一个已经搽好油的烘盘里,然后铺一层(1), 轮流将饼干和午餐肉排列至完,最高一层是饼干。
Beat B slowly, add in 9 pieces of cream cracker, soak for about 15 seconds, arranged them in a square pan which applied with a layer of butter or baking paper. Next, put a layer of (1), then biscuit until it finish. The top layer should be biscuit.
3. 淋入(B)在饼干上(必须盖过饼干), 以大火蒸20分钟。
Pour the left over B onto the biscuit(need to cover the top layer biscuit), steam over big fire for 20 mins.

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