Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Uncle Sam's Claypot

My friend told me that this is possible the best claypot rice in Singapore so I was so eager to try out. I went there for lunch at 2 different time as it is just quite near to my office.

1st visit - tried the claypot chicken rice with vegetables,  five spice rolls and foochow fish ball. Food tasted average to me, five spice roll is the best among all dishes that we ordered. The famous claypot chicken rice tasted good but not the one I like. So to me it is just average.

2nd visit - I had Claypot Ee Mee ($8++). Just like usual Ee mee that you have it at most of the hawker, nothing special except it has 2 mushrooms which you won't find elsewhere claypot ee mee.

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