Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kok Sen Restaurant

I passed by this restaurant when I had my dinner at Keong Siak road. It was very crowded and I wondered why.

I then asked my friends to go there for dinner one weekday night, thinking that may be will have less crowd. We still waited for 15mins for the seat. I got the famous Big Prawn Noodles, that is my main dish I wanted.

Big Prawn Egg Hor Fun ($15) -smell really good, hor fun tasted wokhee but very super salty.  The taste actually not bad but the saltiness will scare me away. The way of cooking seems quite special and the chef used a lot of dried shrimps.

Big Prawn Bee Hun Soup ($15) - smell good and the soup tasted great.  Similar with the hor fun taste but less salty. However to me if I will have to finish whole bowl by myself,  I still felt it was salty.

Spinach with Egg and Prawn Paste Chicken - normal. Nothing special. I had better else where.

Conclusion: Not sure whether that is the usual standard but will not attract me purposely travel for another trip. If you have not try before, it will be a good try. I somehow felt very thirty after the dinner, wondering is it a lot of MSG added.

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