Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Book Cafe

The cafe that combine books and food in a place.  Good idea especially for those who love to read. You can find a lot of book and magazine at this cafe. Grabbing one book, sitting at the sofa and have a coffee is one of the best way to relax and enjoy your life.

I like the cafe's environment,  it is cosy and feel home at certain corner. How is the food? If you come purposely for the food, I guess mostly will be disappointed.  Having tried so many cafe, I feel the food doesn't worth the visit. Most of their pastries are getting from outside suppliers but there are 2 on menu is made in house. I had a habit now to ask every cafe the same question when come to dessert. 

Egg Royale - not too bad. Served with extra rosti.
Fried Fish and Tomato Spaghetti - as usual, averages taste.
Lime Nut Pie - not the usual shape as what I had always. This is one of the two dessert that made in house. My friend said it is really sour and I felt just nice.  Nice for the dessert.

Conclusion: For environment - Yes. A great place to hang out. For food - Not worth the visit.

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