Friday, September 12, 2014


This probably the most expensive food court that I ever went in Singapore.  Not sure if there are other more expensive elsewhere.  However at MBS area this probably the most affordable choice. Rasapura gather most of the famous hawker stall and put under one roof so whatever you eat here should be good. 

It is part of business for Koufu Group. There are a lot of stalls but it is very hard to get a seat here. You really have to act fast and walk fast if you spot any empty seat.

I do not know what to eat so decided to go for Malaysia food. I had the Yuan Yang $6.9 (combination of fried bee hun and kway teow). This probably one of the cheapest choice other than toast. It is not the best but at least the one that I had did remind me the taste of Malaysia. Guess the master chef must be from Malaysia.  A bit salty for the gravy and I like the flower egg im gravy but the version here have only little.

After the meal, I got the Kopi C without sugar ($2+) and it is good. I forgot the exact price but definitely more expensive than normal food court. Next, we felt like still wanna to have something and my friend got us the Salted Egg Bun (流沙包$4.8) which tasted quite nice even compare with some of the dim sum place.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Address: 2 Bayfront Ave #B2-49A/50-53, Canal Level Singapore 018972
Operating Hours: 24hrs daily (selected stalls)

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