Friday, September 12, 2014

NOM (No Other Meaning)

The booming of the cafe is everywhere in Singapore now. I had lunch with colleague and I am thinking of cafe. I really found it, there is one cafe nearby Macpherson area. I am not sure how long is the cafe exists but I think from the outlook of the cafe, it shouldn't be too long as it looks pretty new.

I did a search and found that almost everyone who visit here will try its rainbow cake. However, due to limited space and time, I did not manage to go for desserts after our lunch. Overall, the dishes that we tried consider good as compare with some other restaurant and cafe.

My Latte with extra Espresso Shot($3.9+$1) - I am disappointed the latte served without the art. Am I here for coffee or art? Probably some of the reason I wanted to get latte is because of the arts. I should go for pure espresso next time. Someone told me, if you order latte means you dun know how to appreciate coffee. Glad that I added extra shot so it tasted better and not so milky. My friend got Espresso($2.5) but she said very diluted,

Breakfast Rosti($14.9) - Overall is good but I feel the rosti is too oily. I don't like the oily after taste.

Ultimate NOM burger($13.9) - the patty is good, this is quite filling and we did not manage to finish all the fries, Fries a bit over-fried. Overall I am quite satisfied with the burger. 

NOM (No Other Meaning)
Address: Macpherson Community Club Level 1,400 Paya Lebar Way, Singapore 379131
Tel: +65 67473839
OperatingHours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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