Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nana Thai Restaurant

I have always heard about the great thai food at Golden Mile Complex. I dated my housemates for dinner and decided to check out this place.  Golden Mile Complex also known as little thai reason being there are so many thai restaurant and there is one Thai supermarket.

There are so many thai restaurant and I dun know which one is the nice one so I checked online and found Na Na seems ok to try. I did asked a friend and she told me the orange colour signboard.  When I reached there I found there is not only 1 restaurant with orange sign board.

Overall the food is consider ok but as fantastic as what I expected. This may be close to what original Thai has as some dishes tasted a bit different from what I had from other Thai restaurant in town. The only dish that I cannot accept is the papaya salad with crab pickles. The smell of the crab pickles is so strong that I totally cannot accept and it is very salty. Overall the food here more on the salty side.

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