Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hao Ke Lai Cafe 豪客来咖啡餐食

This is the kopitiam nearest to Rejang Medical Center.  Lot of people come here for lunch, there is quite a lot of choices for mixed vegetables and rice. I had my favourite Fried Noodles Soup炒煮面(RM3.5). The version here quite generous on the meat compare with other. The soup is slightly sticky but still taste not bad. I like it.

Typically all the kopitiam in Sibu, sure have one Kampua stall. Noal;s Noodles is the one. The menu is slightly different from the normal one, it has more items. My brother tried the kampua and wanton and he said that is not really good. My sister had the Spicy Noodles(RM4.5), the taste not too bad but we did not like the fried meat topping. I had Mixed Soup(RM5) - there is fish ball, vegetables and pork intensity. The soup doesn't reach my expectation. 

Steam Seafood Dumpling(RM4.5) - tasted not bad, is better than their traditional dumpling.

Next, I had the Kompia (RM4.5 for a set of 5). Sibu's traditional pastry, they fried it and stuffed with minced meat. It always depends on how sauce is like, Noal's version is quite good, one of the best I had in Sibu, slighly salty and oily. However, I will still come back here if I have craving on that.

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