Monday, August 12, 2013

Hong Fu Seafood 洪福海鲜酒楼

Hong Fu Seafood is famous for its crab and you will find the dinner crowded. I had a not so good dinner at their restaurant when they were still at their old location. We brought our own sea cucumber to get them to help us to cook. However, due to their mistake, I didn't know where our sea cucumber was, I guessed must be on other customer's table. They gave us replacement but we made the lost as that was dinner celebration and we chose the best to them to cook. We were really quite bad luck and whoever had it, they were so lucky.

They served dim sum in the morning so I wanted to try how is the dim sum breakfast here. The price for dim sum is standard for all. One plate is RM4, you can get RM10 for 3. The salted egg custard bao herr consider quite nice but depends on the day you go as not the standard is not always the same. Sometimes I feel quite nice (mum will pack for me as she know I like it but I first time having dim sum at the restaurant), but sometimes is just average.  Overall the dim sums are average except the fried prawn dumplings ( 明虾饺), that is really bad.

All the stuff that we ordered, I think we considered big eater to have so many stuff for 3 person.

I tried their laksa (RM4) and tasted quite good, my mum feel better than the one we had at Peppers Cafe, I feel both also tasted quite good. Other than that we tried the kampua (RM2.50), I dun really like it because I feel it was overcooked and a bit salty but my family feel the taste quite ok.

Hong Fu Seafood 洪福海鲜酒楼
Address: Jalan Wong King Huo, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak

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