Monday, August 12, 2013

168 Terminal Cafe

I had dinner with some relatives at this cafe.  Before this we did not even know there is one cafe at the ferry express terminal. Although it is stated as cafe but it serves normal Chinese restaurant dishes. We had 8 of us so we got everything in medium size but when the dishes served, they were quite big portion but we still managed to finished all slowly.  Overall the food tasted quite nice, but the fresh juice I think they added too much sugar but some of relatives feel not sweet enough.

Cucumber Lemon(RM3.50) - Tasted more lemon than cucumber, a refreshing drink.

3 Sour(RM5) - combination of lime, lemon and sour plum, not sour actually but tasted quite light. They should add more lime or lemon. 

香矛鸡Lemon Grass Chicken(RM20) - tasted good. Never try to cook chicken in this way.

双味芥兰 2 flavour Kailan(RM16) - Kailan vegetable in 2 flavor, the leaf cut into slices and deep fried and topped with floss. The rest they stir fried it. Both tasted quite good. 

海参汤Sea Cucumber Soup(RM16) - tasted not bad but I hardly can see the sea cucumber inside. The other ingredient you can taste it.

泰王香芒富贵鱼Thai Mango Fish(RM28) - Fish fried and topped with Thai Mango sauce. This is nice with the fish fried crispy but the sauce is little and it doesn't taste mango although there is mango slices on top.

苦瓜炸咸蛋Fried Bitter guard with Salted Egg(RM16) - I like this, although it is deep fried but doesn't taste oily. The taste of salted egg is there and it is fragrant. It is quite salty so it definitely has to go with rice.

珊瑚豆腐Coral Toufu(RM16) - big piece of fried toufu with mince meat sauce. The toufu tasted soft, it is good to go with itself alone. The sauce can be improved but overall still a good one. I am not sure why it is called coral toufu.

168 Terminal Cafe
Address: Tingkat 1, Terminal Penumpang Sibu, Jalan Maju, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Level 1, Sibu Wharf Terminal, Jalan Maju, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Tel: 084-332368, 019-7762730

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