Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sibu Dumplings

Sibu Dumplings sells traditional dumplings in soup style. They used to be operated at the small lane between the building with their own stall. After when government build this market and enforced some rules, they moved to the current central market.

In Sibu, whenever we have dumplings it is always dry version. I love the dry one so when I tasted the Muachi, I feel it is like our dry version dumplings but smaller. My sister love the dumpling here but I feel the taste average. There is peanut filling in the dumpling and it is quite small so easy to eat. The soup is the pandan drink. Everything here is homemade and probably the only one which sell the dumplings in this version that I know in Sibu. 

Sibu Dumplings
Address: Central Market Sibu, Stall 120

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