Friday, July 26, 2013

85 Cafe Thai Cuisines

One of my lunch option at Ubi Avenue area near my workplace. I am not too sure where I can find other Thai cuisines but great that the coffee shop at Ubi Place have one. It is always long queue for this stall. The food here tasted quite good. I tried their Phad Thai and glass noodles. Every time I am here, I got these 2 items, so this time I was thinking to have something different. I tried their NEW Thai Sukiyaki.

One plus point here is they can prepare vegetarian Thai Cuisine for you. If you are not a very particular vegetarian like my colleague, this is one of your choice, simple yet tasty Phad Thai without any meaty stuff.

Thai Sukiyaki Seafood Soup($4.50) - I know Japanese Sukiyaki, but never heard about the Thai version. I was a bit worry about the taste. There are 2 types to choose from, either soup or dry version. I chose soup and glad that I did not make the wrong choice. It tasted quite good, with glass noodles and lot of vegetables. With the amount that I paid, I got 4 prawns(not the big one) and some squids, which is very reasonable to me.

Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice($4.50) - my colleague like it.

Green Curry Chicken - my colleague like it and I tried. Tasted good also.

Thai Sukiyaki Seafood Dry($4.50) - taste the same but I prefer the soup version as the so call dry version is not really the dry dry kind, so dun really like this kind of half wet and dry version.

85 Cafe Thai Cuisines
Address: Ubi Place Eating House, 3021 #01-159 Ubi Avenue 2
Tel: 9870 4419

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