Friday, July 26, 2013

Rumah Sayang

This is the 1st time I visited Jem after it opened in Jun 2013. There are so many restaurant and why we choose this? Be frank, we all not sure what to have for dinner, very indecisive and I was so hungry, therefore I forced my friends to quickly pick any one of it, the draw then come to Rumah Sayang. When I looked at the item offered here, I was wondering are they sure, as both of them do not really take spicy food. 

I actually stood there for at least 5mins, thinking what should I order? It seems nothing in my mind when I saw the price and the food, it is really too local and if I am going to food court, I might get something similar but with cheaper price. Nevertheless, it was still crowded on the day we went.

Laksa Set($5.50) - Laksa itself is $4.50, additional $1 for a tea, that is what I feel more worthwhile. The laksa tasted very unusual, not the normal santan one, I tasted sour, not sure is it nyonya style. I forgot to eat first only requested for more chili paste, see how much I had, so my laksa was quite spicy after additional chili.

Nyonya Fried Rice($7.50) - If I am not wrong about the price, it is spicy but tasted quite good. I never try satay but my 2 friends said satay tasted average only.

Rumah Sayang
Address: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road #B1-41/42, Jurong East, 608549

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