Monday, June 24, 2013


I can't remember how I get to know about this restaurant,  it could be when I am searching about the French food and this popped up.

This is known as the cheapest French dining place. French dining always like very high class to me but Saveur provided us platform on the cheaper selection.  The price of the main course is cheaper than Poulet but they served different main courses. The maim courses here are pretty straight forward and there is nit much choices so it is kind of easier for you to choose which one to go for.

We started with Foie Gras as appetizer  Duck conflict is the famous in French dining so I told my friends about that and both go for it. I dun really like duck because of the smell so I took pork belly. We ended our meal with 2 desserts and so happen both we chose were green in colour.

FOIE GRAS($9.90++) - Pan-seared duck(It suppose to be goose but this restaurant written as duck and I forget to clarify with them on this) liver served with apple-infused port wine and vanilla bean. I never tasted Foie Gras before so this is my 1st time. I am wondering why it is so expensive and people are craving for it. It tasted crispy outside and very soft inside. I asked the friend who tasted this before she said the taste is like that. The portion is pretty small(of course, it is very expensive!) but we just want to try it, both us who 1st tried it feel, it tasted ok but seems we were not really appreciate the goodness of this.

DUCK($10.90++) -Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom, orange segments & prange infused natural jus. I dun like duck but this is really nice and I think I can have this for myself, it is tender and the taste is kind of my liking.

PORK($10.90++) - Pork belly served with creamy green lentils, soft boiled egg & natural jus. Tasted very special, I never had pork in such combination, but it tasted good. The skin of the pork belly is kind of not really crispy but chewy and it stuck on my teeth which made me feel uncomfortable while eating. I need to remove it before I can enjoy the meal.

PISTACHIO PANNA COTTA($6.90++) - Pistachio-flavoured cooked cream, topped with ground and caramelised pistachio. Tasted quite good but too sweet for me and it is kind of too soft, I tried the panna cotta version with slightly harder.

CREME BRULEE($6.90++) - with compote of Summer Berries. You have to check with the counter for the flavor and I did not. So when it came in green I thought why the creme brulee is such colour. Apparently on that day, they serve panda creme brulee. Tasted very pandan, I still prefer the original version.

Address: 05 Purvis Street #01-04, Singapore, Singapore 188584
Tel: 6333 3121
Operating Hour: Daily 12:00 pm - 2:15 pm, 6:00 pm - 9:15 pm

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