Thursday, June 13, 2013

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

I knew this place because of my chocolate lover friend. When she asked me where can she find a better lave cake in Singapore, I totally have no idea as I am not chocolate lover. Don't get me wrong, I do like certain chocolate but mostly will be dark chocolate and I will not crazy for that.

I did a google search and this is one of the many options that popped out. She tried and told me, it is good but pricey too. I think that was last year when she told me and last weekend I suddenly feel like want to try this out since I had been mentioned it for more than 6 months.

Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate retail store chain that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Strauss Group, Israel’s second-largest food and beverage company. (I am sorry, I thought it is from America until I read the WIKI). I ordered Macchiato Double and it served in special designed kangaroo cup. Chocolate lava cake is a must since we were here to try out the chocolate stuff.

**Please bear with the overexposure photo

Double Macchiato($5.90++) - served in specially designed cup, quite special and I ordered because of the cup as single Macchiato served in normal cup only. Taste quite good but I think I dun really understand the arts behind this cup, I tried both side of drinking, tasted quite similar, in the end I put the 2 pieces of chocolate into my drink. Sorry for the love it although I did feel bitter.

This is the one I am looking for, the lava cake. Truffle Heart($16++) - come with the lava cake, scoop of vanilla ice-cream and small chocolate milkshake. This is probably one of the best chocolate lava cake that I had in Singapore, the chocolate is rich and still liquid in the center, but slightly lesser compare to other. Nonetheless, it is still good. MUST TRY!

This was ordered by mistake. I think originally my friend want to have this but found no chocolate content so she wanted to change to another drink with more chocolaty. However, the staff did not take note of the order. When it came, we were attracted by it special container and forgot about the changes. I saw on the bill(I just noticed it when I got home) it is Chocolate Chai($7.50++), but I dun taste any chocolate and it tasted like Chai Tea more. Are they serving wrongly? or we ordered wrongly? or billed wrongly? or it supposed to taste like Chai Tea. Regardless all, this tasted like Chai Milk Tea for me.

Mocha Frappe($9.90++) - this normally won't go wrong, chocolate taste is rich and I quite like it.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (Esplanade)
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-06/08 Esplanade Mall
Tel: 62359556

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