Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gurney Drive

I went for Penang feast with a friend on the Dumpling Festival Day. I had been passed by this place for quite sometime but never think of going in to try as I feel the food is too hawker style and I think some food court may served the same standard. My friend had suggested it, so I am thinking, may be should try, they may have great food.

If you have been to Penang, you will sure hear about Gurney Drive, it is actually a famous food street in Penang with all great local cuisines. I had been there for once, it is quite good with some, I think is over-priced.

The dining experience is quite good but I dun feel the food worth the money I paid as I can get the same standard at the hawker stall. The only different is the place is air-conditioned, hence, I guess that is why you pay more.

Top Seller, Penang Chay Kway Teow($7.50++) - the portion is not really big, but taste standard. That is a great start for the penang cuisines.

Penang Assam Laksa($5.90++) - not too bad and be very frank, I dun really feel any big different with the normal one but my friend told me the original Penang famous one must must better than this. Overall, I feel ok for me.

Penang Cuttlefish Kang Kong($4.90++) - this is very small portion and the taste is bad to me, especially the sauce they are using. I think the similar one at TPY food court the rojak stall served much much better than this. They are using Penang Prawn sauce too.

Our dessert, King Of Cendol($5.90++) - We ended with quite a good dessert, kind of compensate us with the bad appetizer we had. The different between the king and the normal cendol is the scoop of premium durian added on top. You might think it will taste weird but I feel nice. For those who can taste durian, you should go for the king version.

Gurney Drive Restaurant (Ang Mo Kio)
Address: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-09/10 Jubilee Entertainment Complex
Tel: 64551202

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