Saturday, June 15, 2013

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant

Being quite sometime since my last visit to the vegetarian restaurant.  My friend found this place and asked if I mind to go for vegetarian food. I eat everything basically that can be eaten, I told her.

This restaurant is quite near to Seranggon MRT, just 10 mins walk. It wasn't many people when we were there for dinner. We have 5 of us and we ordered 5 dishes with 1 medium and the rest small.  Total damage was around $90. It is kind of the typically restaurant price. So if you feel having vegetarian is way cheaper, I think you are wrong.

You may found that the dishes name doesn't looks like vegetarian but no worry, there are 100% vegetarian, no meat in all the dishes we ordered. It used mock meat.

Bodhi Lamb Curry($15++) - This tasted really very nice, I would recommend you get this if you are here. The curry is thick enough and the flavour is so good.

Roasted Square($20++) - The vegetarian version of roasted pork. It is famous in the restaurant but I feel not much flavour for me and tasted quite normal. I will skip this if I visit again. It is like how you eat the korean BBQ pork, wrap your "meat" with the raw vegetables and eat it while fresh.

Bodhi Beancurd($10++) - The taofu is ok, and it is quite normal. Not much suprise for this.

Creamy Flavour($10++) - Just like the outside cereal chicken, it tasted almost the same, I am wondering if they use mock meat or mushrooms for this. I forgot to check with them. Nice!

Salty Crumbs($10++) - vegetarian version of the Salted Fish with Pork Belly Stew. I love this a lot and it is very good to go with the rice. Favourable and tasted really good.

Our total damage..

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 789-791, Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534659
Tel: 6282 8022

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