Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jin Xuan Hong Kong(Kuchai Lama) 锦选香港特极点心

This seems to be a very famous dim sum place in KL as it has quite a few branches. The one I went is the Kuchai Lama branch. My friend say the salted egg yolk bun is nice and the dim sum are quite good. The time when we arrived, it was around 10am. The normal dim sum crowd is quite early, like around 8am according to my friend and weekend normally need to queue for it. It has 2 shop units and we were lucky that we passed the peak timing and got the seats although still quite a lot of people.

These served 1st as there was a guy who bring all the fried stuff and ask us what we want, and we picked from there. I am really very disappointed on this as they were REALLY COLD!!! WE requested them to warm these for us as I cannot accept them served the cold stuff to the customer. The pau tasted quite nice. The fried carrot cake was salty. I did not try the fried yam puff because it never came back after they took away for heating.

I was glad that the steamed dim sum were served hot, I cannot imagine if they served cold too. Siew mai totally not my liking, tasted very strong meaty, har gow I did not try but according to my friend, tasted ok, the fish ball dishes tasted quite good. The salted egg yolk bun tasted good and it was flowing. Among all the dim sum, I like this the most.

To conclude, I think probably I will not come back again to this branch, may be other branch, who knows. I talked about this with some other friends, they said Jin Xuan you have to choose where to eat, the one at Puchong and Damansara is better. I happened pass by the branch at Puchong on Sunday morning and it was a long queue there.

Jin Xuan Hong Kong(Kuchai Lama) 锦选香港特极点心
Address: 34 Jalan 1/116b, Sri Desa Entrepreneurs, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel:+60 3-7982 5110

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