Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jewel Coffee

I had my 2nd cup of coffee here, a cafe that recommend by the group for his favourite coffee at this area. I barely will be here, hence a good try for me. I had my usual cappuccino, there are 2 types of coffee beans for you to choose for your coffee. You can have either coffee beans from Ethiopia or El Salvador. I took the one from Ethiopia as it stated having more fruity taste. I can't taste the fruitiness but I like my choice as it tasted quite different from those I had at Starbucks or Coffee Beans. 

They have a new outlet at Rangoon Road which served meals and alcoholic drink, the Jewel Cafe and Bar. The menu looks good, I shall visit there next time.

Jewel Coffee
Address: 1 Shenton Way, 068803
Tel:6636 9452

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