Saturday, June 22, 2013


This is really hidden gem as you will easily by pass it if you don't notice. It is at level 2 at one of the shop lot at Boat Quay area. I did not notice on there is any signboard, but if you check up their Facebook page, it seems they have. I guessed I am just missing it.

They do serves simple food like hotdogs, full monty and chips. For drinks, they only have coffee and latte(Hot or Iced), they do sell beer and it seems interesting for their beer. This was the comment from some other friends as I am not a beer drinker. The place is cosy and when we arrived, there isn't any customer so we have a whole bunch of us occupied the whole place. I thought we were a bit noisy and hope the 2 ladies do not get irritated. :D

I love coffee with milk so I went for hot latte, they use coffee beans from Smitten and I like it. It is slightly more sour compare some normal coffee I have. I asked the other friends but they didn't taste it, so it may be just me who feel that. However, I like the coffee, the aroma is strong and tasted good too.

If you sit besides the window, you will have a good view of the Singapore River.

Address: 60a Boat Quay, Singapore, Singapore 049848
Tel: 6535 0838

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