Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shimbashi Soba(Nex)

I had my birthday celebration here last year. Why choose nex because it is nearest to the office and this Soba place is highly recommended by one of the colleague.  The soba here is handmade and there is an open space for you to see how the soba is made. I personally love the soba here as it tasted really good and because of its texture. I like chilled soba more than warm soba. The only thing is the price. We ordered set lunch which costed $20++ per set. 

Some background of the soba we ate, the Soba Master selects fragrant buckwheat from Tasmania for its freshness, fineness and nutrition. Tasmania’s cool climate, fresh air and clean water source is an ideal place to cultivate buckwheat. High in protein, fibre and amino acids, soba also contains high quantities of rutin – a kind of bioflavonoid that includes the catechins of green tea and polyphenols of red wine. Soba is low in calories, and has the effect of lowering blood pressure and aiding digestion.

The desserts came free with the set lunch that we ordered. Matcha Tiramisu and Matcha Ice-cream, both of them were really good, especially the Matcha Tiramisu. I just love it!

Shimbashi Soba (Nex)
Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-K1/02/03/04/78/79/80 Nex
Tel: 66344786

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