Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flor Pâtisserie (Takashimaya)

I knew about there is another branch at Takashimaya for Flor Pastries. It is actually not a branch shop, instead just a stall at the Takashimaya Food Hall basement. The shop at Duxton is not very convenient to go, so if anyone would like its cake, this is the place where you should look for.

I went there late night, not purposely finding it but since I happened to be there so I decided to check it out.  It is right at the middle of the food hall. I am reaching around 9pm something and there is promotion on the left over cake. $10 for 2 pieces of cake, not a bad deal I thought.  I checked with my friend along whether she can still add stuff to the stomach and that was then we chose 2 pieces. All cakes looks good so we were asking the girl at the counter to recommend the best seller. 

Wakakusayama($7.30) - Named after the famous mountain in Nara, the Wakakusayama is smooth Kyoto-uji matcha cream piped onto a swiss roll of honey-infused green tea roll and FLOR's
own red bean cream. A little sweet for me but very nice, so far the best macha swiss roll that I had.

Earl Grey Choco($6.95) - Delicate earl grey cream piped onto swiss roll of dark chocolate meringue and sweet banana. This is very nice, in fact it is not on my 1st choice when I see it but the sales lady said is good and one of the best seller so we tried. Glad that we listened to her advise. A bit sweet but I think if goes with a cup of tea, that will be perfect. You can taste the tea flavour and the combination works perfect.

Flor Pâtisserie (Takashimaya)
Basement 2, Food Hall
Tel: +65 6737 1789
Business hours: 10am - 9pm daily

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