Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joystar Garden花悅枋

We had our granadma 70th birthday celebration at this restaurant with the enclosed area fpr ourselves.  We ordered the RM500 set menu and it came with all the dishes below. During the New Year period,  it is hard to get tables and thanks to my mum effort we managed to get here. Not our 1st choice but this is best we got.

The food here is kind of mixture. There were some nice dishes, some I dun really like and some I feel it can be better. To start with the birthday dinner, Foochow always have the below 2 items, traditionally is the long life noodles(长寿面) or mee suah in the chicken soup with a hard-boiled egg. Nowadays, restaurant tend to change the dish to a different look and taste, here they still have the chicken soup, the noodles and eggs become fried version.

The 2nd dishes normally is a mixture of cold plate or hot plate. In normal dinner set meal, this is the 1st dish but for birthday version, it come after the chicken soup and noodles. Most of the stuff here are quite meaty, some they will put vegetables too. Tasted good.

There is always demand of one stuff with more taste, so here, their prawn and fish have 2 ways cooking, so that you can tasted more. The prawns not too fresh but taste is fine. The next is the duck with glutinous rice. My mum love this very much but the version here tasted not very good as have some oily taste which I dun really like it. I tasted better version at my brother wedding. Next, there always have some mixed brocolli with mushroom. This is quite standard.

Desserts came at the last and our traditional dessert is this 满洲糕(the one at the middle and square one), the one surrounding it is the pork dumpling. It is pronounces as "Mun Jiu Gor" in Foochow, Man Zhuo Gao in Chinese.  I dun know the story behind this but since young I ate this, I am not craving for this but my mum love this so so much. Joystar Garden花悅枋 is quite famous for this desserts.

Some information I found online regards this desserts. It is in Chinese version, I tried to translate in English.
Man Zhuo Gao also called as SuZhuo Gao, originally was the cuisines from Royal Kingdom of Man Zhuo, since unknown date it was brought into China Gutian County and it become Gutian people's favorite gift for friends and relatives and also one of the main dishes during the wedding meal.

To end the whole meal, we normally have fruits or longan drink desserts. Here they served fruits, you can see with have Jelly or pudding in the middle, surrounds by pamelo, pineapple(I think most people know Sarawak pineapple is famous for its sweetness) and orange.

Joystar Garden花悅枋
Address: Jalan Ulu Sungai Merah, Sibu, Sarawak 96000 
Tel: 6084-229885

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