Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swatow Seafood

Passed by this restaurant and got to know that it provide dim sum high tea buffet from 3pm-5pm. The review is good. It is advise you make the reservation earlier to avoid disappointment. However, even if you make the reservation, you need to join the queue. 

A few of dim sum lovers, we come around 2:45pm and there are quite a lot people on the queue. The restaurant is quite easy to locate, it is just at the building beside Toa Payoh library. As it is at 2nd floor, there is a small lift for wheel-chair access. We then noticed there are actually 2 queue, one for the reservation, another for walk in. 

For those walked in, they have to wait until those reserved being filled up. We waited for around 15 mins and got our seat. They served signature Teochew cuisine an dim sum especially chilled cheek in jelly is highly recommended. The dim sum come in the push cart so there isn't any menu. What you see on the push cart is what they serve for the day. Most of the dim sum now they give you a menu, you choose what you want and they will serve you accordingly. Hence, the push cart concept kinds of like back to the old time which I like it  a lot.

The fried noodles tasted average. The steam spare ribs and prawn paste rolled in beancurd skin tasted good.  The chicken feet tasted ok here. I seldom have the chicken feet that tasted really fantastic when I went to so many dim sum place.

This is the famous chilled cheek in jelly. Non of us from Teochew and all of us were not able to appreciate this dish. We felt the taste a bit weird and our mind set jelly = sweet, this jelly is salt flavoured.

All the food below tasted good. I think their sesame bun tasted better than the char siew bun, which is also seldom appear on dim sum menu. There are a few dishes where you can only orderd for once portion per person. We had quite a lot of steamed dim sum if you look at the picture below.

Here come my favourte custard bun. This is famous and I had to wait for few rounds for it. The custard bun here apparently quite nice, hot and creamy and  I love it. The skin of the bun can be softer and I think that will then perfect for me.

Swatow Seafood Restaurant
Address: 181 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #02-602
Tel: 63631717


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