Friday, May 10, 2013

Baikohken Japanese Ramen Restaurant

It is rated as one of the best ramen in Singapore. Located at Boat Quay area, which is easy to access by MRT. I happened to see the promotion on the one of the deal website, as a ramen fan, I definitely won't want to miss it. 

It has limited choice of Ramen. Normally the soup base of ramen is quite salty so I try not to choose shio ramen. I took Shoyu Ramen. Noodles - very Q, the flavoured egg is good, char siew tasted great, just the soup base consider too salty for me. Even though salty but I still finished it. Overall, the ramen here consider quite nice.

Baikohken Japanese Ramen Restaurant
Location: 7 North Canal Road S048820

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