Monday, May 27, 2013

Daruma Ramen House

I know this ramen place via the flyer of 1 for 1 at its opening promotion online. This chain is from Hong Kong and is one of the Top 5 ramen in Hong Kong by As I had mentioned in my other ramen article, I love ramen, so definitely won't want to miss this chance, with 50% off the original price. It is very worth it.

I was there at around 7:30pm, and not much people on the queue but still, we waited for 30 mins, it could be due to we were so lucky to be there just happen a new batch people being seated. While waiting, you may see the big menu which is pasted to their shop and the awards, magazine review, newspaper cutting etc on its ramen. There isn't much choice on the menu, basically only has 3 types  - Shoyu(R1-R3), Spicy(R4-R6) & Tonkotsu Ramen(R7-R8).

I choose R8 because I love tonkotsu broth and I wanted to try both the braised pork belly and barbecued pork. The noodles - not too bad, braised pork belly - very nice, marinated well, barbecued pork - ordinary, nothing special, not the kind of taste I appreciate, ajitama - good, broth - tasted ok, but I feel the taste a bit light, not means not salty enough but is the flavour a bit less strong if compare with other that I had tried before. Overall the ramen tasted quite good. If I am going to visit again, I will choose to order the one with braised pork belly only.

R8 Tonkotsu Ramen(Original $18, with 1 for 1, it is $9) - it comes with 3 Japanese braised pork belly, 1 barbecue pork, mentaiko as main. The other side items include seaweed, fried chili threads, sesame, green onion, ajitama(flavoured egg)
 and marinated cloud ear fungus.

Daruma Ramen House
Address: 111 Somerset Road #02-15 Tripleone Somerset
Tel: 62356079

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