Friday, September 12, 2014

Green Curry Chicken

First time try to cook green curry, I used the curry paste that ny friend bought for me from BKK. I decided to follow the recipe stated on the packaging for my 1st try. However,  I cannot get Thai Basil and I forget to buy the chili so my version without these 2 items.

Cooking Oil 20ml (I use canola oil)
Green Curry Paste 50g
Water 50ml
Coconut Cream 400ml( I use 40% low fat)
Chicken 300g
Eggplant, diced 150g
Long Bean 8 pieces(then cut small slices)
Fish Sauce 10ml
Thai Basil Leave 20g (I cannot get this, so skipped)
Red Chili, sliced 5g (I forget about this, so skipped)

1. Heat the oil in sauce pam, add Green Curry Paste, stir fry until aroma develop.
2. Add chicken to stir-fried for 2 mins
3. Add water, coconut cream, stir until it mix and bring to boil.
4. Add eggplant and long beans, continue to boil for 3-4mins
5. Add fish sauce and transfer to bowl.
6. Garnish Thai Basil Leave and Red Chili to serve.

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