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Epicurean Market 2014

This was my 1st visit to Epicurean Market. It was 2nd annual event organised by MBS (12-14 Sept 2014). You just have to buy an entrance tickets of $23(Citibank customer entitled 10% discount) and you will get to enjoy the full program include all the session of cooking demo with master chef, wine and cheese experts. 

With over 50 restaurants, wineries and leading brands, you can sample all the way through gourmet food and delectable wine from around the world

+ receive a FREE pair of Schott Zwiesel wine glasses (worth $37). Here is the pair of wine glasses I got.

I am sorry for the quality of the picture I took using my Note 2. I guessed some setting might have problem and my hand is shaking at some case. I actually went for the 3 days. 1st day just a super quick one to collect my free gift and have a quick look at what can I expected from the market. 2nd day was a dull day for me - from trying out all sort of stuff, enjoy the celebrity cuisines and attended 2 demo cooking classes. 3rd day - supposedly not plan to attend but I was kind of attracted by the demo cooking class by different chef, I managed to attend 3 sessions. A very nice experience overall and I hope next year will be even better.

I visited quite a few groceries and bought items from there. I got fruits, cheese and also wine of course.


Fresh Trust is a global fresh specialist. At this event, the food source is from Autralia, so it looks an Australian market to me. Fresh Trust products can be found in Market Place, and selected Cold Storage Stores.

First day Fresh Trust is generous to have whole strawberry for chocolate fondue dipping for tasting. It tasted sweet. I had it on the last day where it went on discount @ 3 for $10. (UP: $4 per box). I bought blueberries, the price was not fixed.(1st day - $4, 2nd day - $5, 3rd day - promotion of $20 for 5)


Singapore’s first locally produced artisanal air-dried deli products. I tasted all the sample of carne meats that it put out for sampling and I thought Schinkenspeck is the one I liked most. I like almost 50% of its product. My friend prefers Coppa Ham so it is actually depends on individual preference.


They said they have the finest handcrafted European cheeses that have been carefully handpicked from farmstead cheese makers in the region. I love cheese and this is the only cheese booth that I saw.

I tried a few cheese but unfortunately most of them were not sell individually, they were sold in cheese platter that you can combine few cheeses and eat directly. The only cheese that I can buy is the special one which the staff told me the cheese you will never find in Singapore market for sure. I can get it 2 pieces for $30 or 4 pieces for $55 with a small bottle of honey. This is the 1st time I tried cheese with honey, very special.

I choose Wyngaard Goat Gouda and Perl Las (which translates as blue pearl in English). The Wyngaard Goat Gouda(UK) tasted really nice. Perl Las(Netherland) tasted quite mild, unlike some other blue cheeses which is really strong in flavour. I love both cheese that I got!

Here start my eating journey at Epicurean Market. Other than celerity corner, there were also some other famous restaurant that you can find at MBS.

1. BEIJING NO 1 北京一号

From the name itself, you know that they sell Beijing, China cuisines. We bought the Traditional Glutinous Cake(枣切糕) $2. The glutinous cake have the red beans as paste and topped with red date. I actually like this dessert although it is slightly too sweet for me.

Fill up your particular and you will receive an Epicure Food Magazine + a coffee(From BonCafe) of your choice complimentary at Epicure Booth.

PUNJAB GRILL’S BUTTER CHICKEN (S$8) - the butter chicken used to served with naan, the version at Punjab Grill at this event was served in a tart. This is not the best butter chicken I had but it still tasted good.

Below are those that I tried at Celebrities' Booth. I did not manage to try all but just have some of it. All the food here entitled for 10% discount if you pay with your Citibank credit card.


I always wanted to try Mozza's pizza, great that I had the chance to try it.  We got AGLIO OLIO PIZZA (S$12) AND PROSCIUTTO PIZZA($14). The Aglio Olio pizza was the highlight of the Mozza. I like the think crust and it was crispy. At the end of the day, we got another prosciutto pizza which my friend had more interest on it. Overall, I felt the pizzas were good!


DB Bistro is by Chef Daniel Boulud. I did not see him at the event but my friend said she see him.

I am a hotdog fan but not my 2 girl friends. The NEW YORK HOT DOG (S$8) was nice but not the one that can keep me back for it. We also got the MADELEINE($5) which I had tried in his restaurant before. It tasted really good when served warm. The version at Epicurean market doesn't taste as nice as I had in his restaurant.


I never notice his restaurant until I attend the demo cooking class of his, then only realized that he is the new celebretity chef that will opening his restaurant in MBS this year. According to Chef David Thompson, the restaurant should be opening end of the year 2014.

We tried NAHM YAA GAI($10), kanom jin noodles with chicken and wild ginger sauce. I like this although it was slightly spicy. The chicken mentioned looks like tuna to me but everything taste quite good but a bit cold. Not sure is this the cold dish.


We did not try anything savoury here reason being the menu seems not that much interested. We wanted to try the ROCK MELON($15) which is the highlight, but in the end we decided to go for its desserts - PASTRY($6). The cake looks so tempting. All the pastries that we had were good although the portion is quite small.


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