Monday, August 11, 2014

Paw Pet-Paradise Cafe

If you are looking for good food for human, please skip this cafe. If you are looking for a space to enjoy with your pet and may be a treat to the him/her, you are at the right place. This can be the best place for your and your beloved pet.

I never tried the pet menu (obviously I was not) so I am not sure how it is but it looks really good(better than human's) on their Facebook photo. 1st time in Singapore I had coffee in instant in a cafe(there are hundreds over cafe, I tried may be around 30). Although when I saw the drink menu, I was kind of alert myself not to put any expectation on it, still I was very disappointed with the instant Flat White ($4.5+). My friend had 2 sips the left it untouched, for the sake of not wasting the food I finished it.

Next come to the main course, stuff on menu really not impressed me so we decided to order only a main course. We did the right choice. We had Pasta - Ham and Mushroom in White Sauce ($12.9+). Not sure am I too sensitive or because of the coffee, the pasta served smell and looked so instant. I means the white sauce, it tasted like the campbell brand soup. Again we did finished it as it is not really bad just I think I can cook much better than this version.

Other than the human's menu, the environment is quite pet friendly. There are 2 dogs in the cafe which is really cute but not own by the owner. The space is big enough for the pets to mingle around. A very good concept for the owner anf pet to enjoy themselves.

Paw Pet-Paradise Cafe
Address: 530 Balestier Road Monville Mansion #01-07 Singapore 329857
Tel: 97473295

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