Monday, August 4, 2014

Coral Seaweed Desserts珊瑚草

  • Dry Coral Seaweed
  • Winter Melon Sugar
  • 15 big red date 紅棗
  • 20 dry longan
  • 2 litres water

  1. 乾的珊瑚草沖掉鹽巴,再泡水至少三个小時(如果喜欢软一点,就泡久一些)。泡好的珊瑚草會呈透明狀。每小时换 一次水。Rinse the salt off from the dry coral seaweed. Soak the seaweed in clean water at least 3 hours until it turns transparent. (If you like softer version,  soak for longer time). Change water every one hour.
  2. 煮滚二公升的水。加进冬瓜糖,红枣和龙眼干,小火煮一个小时。Boiled 2 litres of water. Add in winter melon sugar, red dates and dry longan and cook for an hour At small fire.
  3. 把#1 切成小块,待#2 凉了才加进去。Chop #1 to smaller pieces. Let #2 cool down 1st then add in #1. 

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