Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pork Dumplings 肉粽

Finally I learned how to make it. Processes are long and time consuming but I always feel homemade, you can adjust to your own taste, hence, still the best.

One Pack Bamboo Leaves 粽叶
1kg Pork Belly 三层肉
2kg Glutinous Rice 糯米
300g Dry Mushroom(Soak before use) 浸软干香菇
200g Chestnut 栗子
100g Fried Red Shallot 炸葱
Finely Chopped Garlic 切碎蒜头
12 Salted Egg Yolk(I use the whole egg yolk per dumplings, you may cut into smaller pieces)

Dark Soy Sauce(I use sweet version) 黑酱油适量(我用甜的)
1 can Gulong Meat Sauce 古龙香菇肉酱(Optional)
Spices Powder 五香粉适量
White Pepper Powder白胡椒粉

1. First need to prepare for the bamboo leaves. Boiled the bamboo leaves for 10mins. Then take out the leaves, use running water and clean cloth to wipe the leaves.
2. Cut the pork belly and mushroom into small pieces. Put in the large bowl, add in Gulong meat sauce,white pepper powder, dark soy sauce and mixed all together. Set aside.
3. Prepare for the rice. Wash it and drain. Add oil and stir fried the garlic. While garlic turned golden brown, add in the gluttonous rice and stir fried it. Add in all the seasoning; white pepper, dark soy sauce, spices powder.
4. Wash the chestnut and set aside.
5. When 1 to 4 are ready, we are ready to make the dumplings.  Different people have different method of wrapping.
(A) Fold the dumpling like a pyramid and you will see like container side
(B) Put in some glutinous rices, follow by the pork, chestnut and egg yolk, then place another round of glutinous rices to cover it.
(C) Press the dumpling to the pyramid shape and tie with the rope.
6. When dumplings are ready, put into boiling water and cook for 3 hours. Do remember to check on the water level so that the water will not dry out. If you are using pressure cooker, an hour of cooking time will do.
7. Dumplings are ready to be served as below:)

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