Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Red Vinasse Kampua 红糟干盘面

I saw this introduced at the Sibu JiaTaoTao Facebook. It looks interesting as so far I haven try this kind of kampua before.  We drove purposely to Sungai Merah (新珠安) to look for this special one. It is located opposite the Primary Zhong Xin (中兴小学), same row as CCK and Michael Salon. The cafe is really small, I can't even sure which one is the cafe name, not sure is it Miss Cherry. However, there is a big banner said traditional kampua. The taste is quite special and nice to me. Worth to try out and there wasn't much people so the waiting time is not that long. We spent RM3 for it. We did not try other dishes so no recommend on the rest.

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