Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng

I 1st tried this restaurant in JB and I did not know the one in Singapore is actually the group. Food here overall quite good, very depends on what you choose I would said. You can view the menu HERE. Although the pricing is in MYR but the menu selection is the same, I cannot recall the price in SG.

From left: Original Ice "Ying Yong" In HK style, Ice "Ying Yong" In HK style. What is the different? You can see from the picture below. I tasted both and I personally prefer the original version which the ice is placed surround the Ying Yong drink. Of course there is price different too. I tried the really original in Hong Kong and that tasted really fantastic. This version quite good although I cannot really recall the Hong Kong taste. The one with Ice inside the drink make the drink a bit diluted, hence, it tasted not that good compare with the original version.

Char Siew Cheese Baked Rice - I wanted to get hor fun initially but out of stock, so in the end I choose this. I like the cheese and the char siew tasted quite good.

French Toast - Looked good but not the one I like, reason being it somehow have a quite strong oil smell(means the oil have been recycle for dun know how many time). Apart from that I feel, it will be nicer if they added some maple syrup on top(that is my personal preference).

Fried Rice - I cannot remember which fried rice is this but it tasted really good. The smell is so nice and you will eating it non stop. However, the portion is too big for a lady, commented by my friend as she was super full after this.

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng
Address: #02-50, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021.
Tel : 02 - 6336 9319, 02 - 6336 2003

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