Sunday, May 11, 2014

Whoopie Love

I walked by my neighbourhood area and great to find out there is new item at this area. Cafe concept popped up in Singapore and almost every area you will find new cafe opened. I was hoping my area does have similar concept. It was quite a while I walked by this place. The owner said the cafe started business 3 weeks ago, counting that today was Mother Day so it should be opened end of April week.

The shop does not have any signboard yet. I checked with the helper in cafe and understand that it is still in progress. The cafe named Whoopie Love and it sales Whoopie Pie, guess that is why is the name from. I forgot to confirm with them.

Whoopie Pie is a US baked good that can be considered either cake or cookie. It originally made of two round mould shaped pieces of chocolate cake(now depends on creativity, you may find different flavour) with sweet filling or frosting sandwiched between them. I might have see something similar pastry before but I can't recall.  From far, I thought it is cupcake and come to near, I felt it looked like big size macaroon.
Me and my friend tried chocolate chocolate and red velvet. It is sold at $3.5 per piece. We wanted to have the special of week: S' mores but too bad that it is out of stock. It is chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting. You always find there are 5 types that static and one type special every week. The owner said there are 30+ flavours they ventured.

The pretty owner - Christine, she is the one who made all the lovely pie. If you walk in the cafe, do take note on the brand name, the light make up a love on it, quite special.

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. I am a heavy cheese lover, for this I feel the frosting not cheesy enough and a bit sweet but still at the sweetness that I can accept.

Chocolate chocolate, I am not a chocolate lover but I do like this chocolate whoopie pie more than the red velvet. We was told the chocolate chip thing on top of the frosting cream used are cacao berry(if I spell correctly). Overall not very sweet. Overall, we both like the cake texture.

Whoopie Love
Address: Blk 20 Lor 7 Toa Payoh #01-748, Singapore 310020

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