Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PADI House

My friend brought us there, this is the 2nd time I been to Setiawalk, is an all-in-one development,  which comprising retail outlets, offices, apartments, SOHOs, hotel and entertainment centres. Both times I was here for its restaurant.

PADI is an Asian fusion restaurant, providing everything from pastas, rice dishes, cakes, coffee etc, is a combination of Chinese and Western delight cafe. We were here for lunch and great that not much crowd, I guess it will be more popular at dinner time/night.

Caesar Salad(RM9.5+) - standard looking, my friend commented that this is good, Green Salad with House Dressing(RM9.5+) - I like the house dressing so that made the salad good.

Cantonese Style Hor Fun(RM10.9+) - I was the only who went for chinese selection as I don't feel like to have western food although the cafe seems more popular with its western choice. The gravy was good but the noodles can be better as I think it was ready fried so the noodles all stick into one big ball and less fragrant (Chinese said less Wok Hei 镬气)

Cinvinnati Five Way(RM13.9+) - looks good and interesting. You have to eat it while hot. I like the sauce to be more gravy type whereas the version more watery. Tasted average.

Cheese Baked Tomato Rice with Seafood(RM16.9+), Deep Fried Chicken Parmigiana(RM17.9+). I tried the fried chicken, cripsy enough, taste average.

When everyone went for fruit juices, I was attracted with the coffee and cake promotion, if you get any cheesecake, you will be able to get the selected drink at 50% discount. I had Macademia Cheese(RM11.5+) and Cappuccino(RM3.45+, UP: RM6.9+). Coffee smells good, taste ok for me, the cheesecake is normal baked cheesecake but the caramelized macademia nuts on top tasted quite nice.

PADI House
Address:Unit E-6-G & E-6-1, Level G/1, Block E, Setia Walk Persiaran Wawasan Pusat Bandar Puchong, selangor

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