Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Restaurant Swee An 瑞安美食馆

We drove around Taman Pelangi randomly to look for our lunch and we spotted this restaurant. Since it gave us an old fashion kind and we feel good, so we just went in.

While browsing the menu,  we found out that it had been introduced by a local celebrity in the variety show. We got the famous Crab Ball (RM7.5),  Vinegar Pork (RM10), Steam Fish (RM10), 2 types of vegetables (RM15 each) and Mongolian Prawn (RM30).

All items sharing by 6 of us, with all the drinks etc, the bill damage was RM112. We initially feel that it is quite expensive but a friend of mine said that is normal price as everything increased.  For example, now seems not prawn season, so the price went up. Food generally quite good, especially the crab ball tasted quite nice. The fish quite unique, it tasted like sardine fish and the chef cooked until the fish bone is ateble. However,  you still need to be careful while eating the bomes as some are quite big.  The stir fried vegetables were alright.

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