Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ramly Burger Kluang

Ramly burger, a very famous burger which you can see almost everywhere in Malaysia. This is so far still the cheapest and great burger made locally.

We were craving for the burger,  so we drove around Kluang after the dinner to look for it. We found the 1st one but we wanted to have burger special (with egg) and the stall run out of the egg. Luckily we managed to find another stall at other street. We got 2 Beef Special (RM2.80) and one Chicken Special (RM3) which is even cheaper than the 1st we went. That stall selling at RM3.50.

Ramly burger is so famous because of the way it cook. The patties and bun was pan fried on a very big pan. This is the 1st time I saw the boss use curry powder,  normally they use pepper. Overall, the taste still very nice. I love it!!

Ramly Burger Kluang
Address: In front of Nasib Restaurant 
35, Jalan Dato Haji Hassan, Kluang Town, 86000
Operating Hours: Night time

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