Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ZenQ Desserts

I heard about this dessert place from a friend and I went to try out with the family. It was around 9pm so we decided to get 2 and share. It was full house and luckily we still managed to get one seat, the only seat in the shop. After we ordered and sat down, I saw a long queue there making order, glad that we arrived slightly earlier.

Mix Fruit Shaved Ice水果冰( RM8.90) - expensive but tasted quite good. Watermelon and honey dew were fresh, mango a bit sour and not that nice.

ZenQ MySignature(RM7.50+RM1.50) - I topped up RM1.50 for the taro as originally I thought it comes with taro. I love taro so would like to try out how is it for the ZenQ. They did not have pearl and crystal noodles so we can choose the other 2 to substitute.  We choose aiyu and red beans. Originally they already have the grass jelly and Q Yuan. The shaved ice you can choose from grass jelly, matcha and soy. We chose matcha which my sister highly recommended.  It is nice with all the toppings. The only not so good thing is the Q Yuan. My mum feels it too hard. I was fine with it but best it will taste nicer if it is softer. 

ZenQ Desserts
United Composite S/B(1030736-A)
Address: Sublot 41, Ground Floor, Lot 3585, Block 7, Jalan Wong King Huo, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysa

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