Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Met old friends for dinner at this restaurant.  Originally we were planning to go the one opposite but it was full and we saw this new cafe. My friend said that is the alternative. This is a new cafe which opened in July 2013.They have quite cosy design, I like the bamboo decorated cafe and it will be a good place for you to sit down to have high tea there.

Chocolate Cake (RM6.90) - tasted average to me but my friends all like it a lot especially the chocolate layer. They have other cakes like mango, orea etc

Lemon Juice (RM4.30), Mango Milk Shake (RM7.90) - not the normal milk shake or we did not consider it as milk shake as I never see milk shake come with ice cube, Red Date Tea  桂圆红枣茶 (RM5.90) - taste average, you can easily make it at home.

BBQ Chicken Chop (RM10.90), Mushrooms Sauce Beef Steak (RM15.90) - the main course tasted average, the side dishes need to be improved.  Coleslaw not nice and the fries were too salty. My friend commented it is still better than Anson which I had never try before.

Address: Lorong Wong King Huo 3, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Tel: Mr Loh , 0109488944

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