Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mama Panda Kitchen

I normally try to avoid dining in Zoo/bird park or any tourist attractions, simply because I found the food there is expensive and normally not really nice. So I don't feel worth eating there. I went to the Mama Panda Kitchen last week when I visited River Safari simply because I was attracted by the cute bao there, the panda bao. If you are friend of River Safari, the member, you will have 10% discount on the food and souvenir.

Due to the cuteness of Panda I got the Panda Bao($2.90) and the Panda Cappuccino ($5.50). The bao comes with red bean paste filling, tasted good, in fact is the best of all the dishes. Cappuccino has not much coffee taste, so it failed to me.

My friends got the bamboo rice set menu($13.90). I did not try their main dishes but heard from their feedback, tasteless so they had to use the sambal chili to taste it up. The mango pudding tasted like mousse, I don't really like it. Funny story about the no plate, I thought it is like the one in Aston when the food ready, it will vibrate(I did not check it clearly), but this is actually just the normal no plate, there is a signboard on the wall which will be telling you if the food is ready.

The fried lotus chips tasted quite nice. This is the 2nd best among all the food.

This Mango Milk chocolate, my friend got it from the souvenir shop, cost $4.90 per box. It tasted like normal milk chocolate, doesn't taste any mango, but there are some dried mango in the chocolate.

River Safari. Mama Panda Kitchen
Address: Singapore Zoological Garden, 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

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Food Esteem - yummy food do not come to you | you find them | said...

Same like you.. I went to Mama Panda Kitchen for their cute pau only.. But nothing changed my thought. Overpriced and pau just taste normal :(