Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arnold's Fried Chicken

Tucked in the corner on the 2nd floor is this Fried Chicken Restaurant, I had been to this restaurant once(not sure how many years ago), it looks new and clean now. It had been renovated and looks brighter compare to the old time. I wasn't sure is it because of Ramandan so that day I saw the long queue, but my friend said it used to have quite good business, the waiting time is around 30mins. So we decided to shop in this plaza since there are a lot of wholesale clothing here.

They serve both chicken pieces and spring chicken here and the best thing about the chicken is that it is served piping hot and it is fresh(it don't have the bloody taste). It's crispy on the outside(a bit oily for the one piece I have) and juicy on the inside. I feel it is better than KFC in Singapore. I got the 2 pieces set for $6+ and added a rootbeer float for $3+. If I go for normal drink, the set meal will be almost the same as KFC and other fried chicken. I like the Coleslaw too, it would be great if they give more. I saw a lot of people getting the fried bun too, if you are the bun lover, you may try that.

Arnold's Fried Chicken
Address: City Plaza #02-99/101, 810 Geylang Road, Singapore 409286
Tel: 67462372

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