Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Like It

The new ice cream stall at AMK with different concept - A Revolutionary of NEW Ice Cream. What they have? They don't serve normal ice cream. They make ice cream on the spot in just 5mins. You might think our normal way of ice cream we need to put in freezer for at least 1-2hours before we can have it. 

The secret is they use nitrogen to make the ice cream. It is a concept from Australia and 1st in Singapore. I tried because of the novelty. You see all the staff dress in scientists attire, the container they use is the lab tabung uji. 1st when I saw it, I feel like too chemical and totally dun feel like want to have it. This time me and my friends passed by and she was attracted by this new idea. Since we were sharing, why not. We ordered common like mango taste. The Chef'choice is the New Popcorn. You can find the durian on the list too.  It sells at $5.90 for regular and $9.50 for large, compare with other ice-cream shop, it is slightly more expensive.

You can stand there and see how your ice cream is made while waiting. 1st the staff will pour the nitrogen out then add the mango flavour to it then mix it well. You will see all the cool gas coming out from the mixing bowl. After few mins, your ice cream is ready. 

How it taste? It tasted like normal ice cream but smoother. Not too sweet but I don't really like it as the mango flavour tasted a bit artificial. It said on the poster: 
1. 100% Original
2. 0% Artificial
3. 0% Additive
4. 0% Sugar Added
5. 0% Coloring
6. 0% Stabilizer

I am not sure is it when we saw the way how it was made, we feel kind of weird. I start to think is it all the ice cream that have the same kind of texture are made the same way. They are opening a new outlet at Resort World.

Very big tan nitrogen, looks scary. I wonder if they get it from here or only for display purpose.

I went back the other day bringing another friend to try out this special ice-cream. This time we got durian flavour. Taste not bad, you can eat some durian flesh.

Just Like It
Address: #01-19/20, AMK Hub, 701B Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 569807

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