Thursday, July 4, 2013

Island Creamery

After dinner, we headed to this ice-cream place for desserts as I saw the comments were quite good.
Each of us ordered our dessert. Compare to other local homemade ice-cream chains, Island Creamery has more local flavor. 

 Friend A had a single scoop of the Nutella ice-cream ($3.20). Nutella is a success, tasted good. 

Friend B got banana split ($7.50). I suppose he can choose 3 type of ice cream normally but strangely they din ask him to choose. So he got the by default flavors, cookies and cream, all berries and chocolate.  All tasted ok except cookies and cream. May be I dun like the ice cream tasted to be a bit oily, therefore I dun really like cookies and cream.

I ordered ice-cream with waffle ($5.80), with the soursop flavour. I saw some red stuff in the ice-cream and the staff told me they added in pomegranate seed. Ice cream is nice but forget about the waffle.  The waffle is not done freshly and it was just toasted up in toaster. The waffle is not soft and not crispy, may be not my liking. One special is, they gave you kaya to go with it.

Island Creamery
Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Singapore 258748
Tel:6468 8859

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