Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pelicana Chicken

Me and my sister sometime have the craving on fried chicken. On our way back home, we suddenly think of this newly opened chicken place from Korean(I guess we also saw the banner that was hanged along the road, so it gave us the idea where to go).

It is newly opened in Sibu and it was the 1st Pelicana Chicken outlet in Malaysia. If you look at their picture on their facebook and the banner, it looks so delicious(of course, aren't you know that is for Illusion only?) but see what I got below. The fried chicken like so small and probably the chicken is not helathy enough. I wasn't sure is it not many people on the day, the chicken tasted to me like fried for many times. The taste is alright but I hope they can improve the quality at least 90% closer to the one in the picture will do.

Pelicana Chicken
Address: Jalan Wong King Huo,96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Phone +60 84-331 332
Website http://www.pelicana.com.my

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