Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This is so far the best Chinese style vegetarian I had, but I had minimal tried with all vegetarian food so I guess there are better elsewhere. The restaurant was closed down after 4 years operation and again, I suddenly found that I did not blog this wonderful restaurant, and feel like should it. The food here was really yummy and the price also quite "good".

A lot of dishes they used monkey head mushroom(猴头菇) and it is very good, especially the one fried with cereal. It taste exactly like cereal chicken, one of my colleague who is vegetarian did not have it at all because he feel it tasted like real meat.

While searching for this, I found that it has a sister restaurant called "Whole Earth" and the chefs/service staff for Naive are now relocated there. I haven tried Whole Earth but I looks through the menu, I can see similarity in the dishes. Hope the standard is still there when I visit it sometime in the future.

Address: 99 East Coast Road, Singapore 428795
Tel: +65 6348 6780

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