Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Happiness Restaurant旺喜楼

I heard from mum that this restaurant start to serve dim sum in the morning.  They used to do only lunch and dinner especially for wedding banquet. I think the demand of dim sum is higher now so they opened in the morning for dim sum also. They don't have much choices but still enough for you to fill up the empty stomach. The dim sum here is Ala-carte order,  none buffet style.

We ordered steam prawn rice roll. Tasted not bad with the sauce and chili. Siew Mai is always the choices.  They served 3 flavor siew mai. One original, one with seaweed, another I forget what is the flavor.  I prefer the original siew mai. Then we had salted egg yolk bun. Not too bad, will be good if the salted egg taste stronger.  I like salted egg so to those who dun like it. I think this bun is just nice. Har kow (prawn dumplings) not very nice as the skin is too thick. We did ordered some fried dim sum. All tasted average. 
Overall, it is still a good choice for the dim sum and the price is reasonable. 

Good Happiness Restaurant旺喜楼
Address: Lorong Sena 5, Sibu, Sarawak 96000

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