Saturday, May 18, 2013

Va Va Voom Cafe

I was recommended by my Vietnamese colleague that this is probably the unauthentic Vietnamese cuisines in Singapore.
Summer Fresh Roll with prawn - this s nice but the skin a bit hard, will be better if it is softer

Left: Something with coconut ice-cream, lemon grass drink
Fried chicken wings - nothing special about this, standard one

Sliced beef and beef balls pho - I got the combo where I had the meatball, beef etc. This confirm not the best I had as the one I tried in Hanoi is really the best but might be one of the better one in Singapore as I haven really tried a lot of Vietnamese restauarnt too. This version tasted quite good, sliced beef is tender, meatball like the one we get from hyepermarket, most importantly is the broth. The broth consider quite nice for me. the noodles it use not the typically pho noodles that I tried, it is more like the singapore thin kway teow style.

Va Va Voom Cafe
36 Seah Street
Tel: 63361248

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